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Mobile Trainers is shaking up the traditional personal training model with its new in-home service, designed for individuals who want to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their home.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the service we’re offering here in the Greater Phoenix Area,” said Justin Townsend, Training Director at Mobile Trainers. He added, “We’re providing life-changing fitness results for individuals who want or need to avoid a traditional gym!”

Unique Training Process

It is a full-suite mobile training experience. Utilizing a fleet of vans, fully loaded with a wide variety of fitness equipment, Mobile Trainers delivers high-end personal trainers directly to clients’ homes. From corrective exercise to powerlifting, Mobile Trainers achieves fitness goals through a combination of fitness training and nutrition coaching.

Results are targeted via portable 3D imaging technology. Mobile Trainers’ body-transformation process incorporates monthly 3D body scans. These scans allow Mobile Trainers to track progress, refine training programs, and keep clients on the fast track to progress.

These are not your average personal trainers. Unlike traditional gyms, Mobile Trainers does not pay its trainers based on sales, they pay them based on the measurable results they obtain for their clients. It's also worth noting that less than 1% of trainer applications have been accepted to date, making it one of the most exclusive training services in the area.

“You become a trainer hoping to help people, and then gyms force you to become a sales person instead. That's not the case with Mobile Trainers,” said Justin. "My team gets to focus on their passion for helping people. Whether it be losing inches, building muscle, reducing pain, or increasing flexibility, we get it done.”

Service Availability

Mobile Trainers is currently accepting new clients in Scottsdale and surrounding areas. The first step toward becoming a client is to schedule a free evaluation session, which can be done over the phone or via their website’s online form