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These are the Most Popular Workouts in Arizona (Fitness) 8/30 10:18A Sydney Huyge
A new study has revealed the five most popular workouts in Arizona. Online fitness website Total Shape used average monthly Google searches to find the most popular fitness activities in each state....

Scottsdale Ranks as One of the Best Cities for Pickleball, Report (Fitness) 7/6 11:01P Madison Vega
Scottsdale has been ranked one of the best cities for pickleball, ranking 7 out of 10 across the country in a study conducted by . The study used four factors to rank which cities are...

How to Fix ‘Golfer’s Back’ (Fitness) 6/15 9:00P
Guest post by Dr. Lauren Mueller of Streamline Performance Physical Therapy Are you tired of your back acting up during or after your golf rounds? Golf involves repetitive movements with substantial...
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